Situated on the east bank of the Jordan River and sharing borders with Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Jordan's geography has given it an important role to play as a conduit for trade and communications. The Arab nation connects East, West, North and South in the Arab world and has grown into a modern nation which has enjoyed a remarkable measure of peace, stability and economic growth

Amman is the capital of Jordan and sits in the north-west of the country. Jordan is situated in a hilly part of Jordan between the desert and the Jordan Valley. It’s a city that truly blends the old with the new. You’ll come across ancient ruins yet, at the same time, be witnessing a city that is becoming ever more modern by the day.

Things to do in Amman

Jordan is packed with things to do and places to visit. You’ll find museums and galleries, and there are also ancient ruins and historic buildings. This really is a city to explore.

The citadel

The citadel area sits on Jebel Al Qala’a, the highest hill in Amman at about 850 metres above sea level. It is the site of the ancient Rabbath Ammon and is surrounded by a 1 700 metre long wall. This wall has been rebuilt many times throughout the course of history. The Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace are highlights of the area.

The Jordan Museum 

The Jordan Museum is a fascinating museum and is possibly one of the best in the Middle East. The building is modern and is located next to the City Hall. The museum tells the story of Jordan’s earliest people right through to the early days of the modern era. Some of the main exhibits include old human statues, a host of remains from Petra and the surrounding area and Jordan’s share of the Dead Sea scrolls.

 Darat Al Funun Gallery 

The Darat Al Funun Gallery is located towards the north of the downtown area and is devoted to contemporary art, with works by Jordanian and other Arab artists in the excellent gallery of the main building. The gallery site also boasts some fabulous architectural features, such as the excavated ruins of a 6th century Byzantine church and residences from the 1920s that have been restored in the Mediterranean-Venetian style. The easiest way to access the gallery is on foot. 

 Business in Amman

Amman’s new Abdali downtown links old Amman with the more modern Shmeisani business district, transforming the capital into a regional business and tourism hub.

As a central location it is surrounded by more than 25 banks and financial institutions, 12 major hotels, 16 public institutions, 9 major hospitals and the legal district of Amman.

This part of the capital borders the Palace of Justice, the Parliament Building, and the King Abdullah Mosque, placing it at the core of working life in Amman. 

Travelling to Jordan’s main airport, Queen Alia International Airport, is straightforward. The airport is located approximately 18.5 miles south of the city, in Zizya. You can catch a shuttle bus to the city centre bus station from the airport, or take a taxi to or from the airport


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