Centro SharjahRRR
"Serene and comfortable place Clean close to airport great staff great food Rooms are clean and reasonably priced"

I enjoyed staying at Centro Hotel in Sharjah. My whole experience from checking in and out was professionally handled. Staff are great. Food is great with plenty of variety to choose from. Rooms very clean

Reviewed by ZippyAli a TripAdvisor traveler 14th February 2020
"Excellent service"

I always have a very wonder stay and service when ever I come Centro, I like the face that everything I need is being provided for. Wonder location, beautiful people with wonderful service. Please keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Ijehpeteroseloka a TripAdvisor traveler
Nigeria 12th February 2020

The breakfast menu need to be reviewed and have more choice. I always have a great stay and the staff are great, they are very friendly and they care about the customer. I enjoy sitting in c-Deli but also the chairs need to be renewed.

Reviewed by Quest a TripAdvisor traveler 5th February 2020
"Service Quality"

Location good near the airport, service quality and hospitality excellent. Breakfast in the morning was so delicious. Hotel pool open 07:00- 22:00. Water so clean and hot. Preferable. Try it. Housekeeping service no comment very good.

Reviewed by Elmar M a TripAdvisor traveler 2nd February 2020
"Need an upgrade on breakfast buffet"

The service and place is very good, Overall i enjoyed my stay here.Location of the hotel is very good very peaceful and near to airport so no chance of missing your flight (lol). Ambiance is good, service is fast and up to the mark. All the staff in the hotel are very attentive toward the customers.

Reviewed by ShaikhAbdulSattar a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 26th January 2020
"Great hotel"

Rooms with high quality and the breakfast with many respectful and friendly great Iwill definitely come back to this hotel next time and maybe with my wife soon i hope. Thank you allhotel with rooms et services

Reviewed by Aarus a TripAdvisor traveler 25th January 2020
"Mix experience"

Nice hotel but horrible food. Had a nice reception and those guys at the reception- concierge are doing good job, the security is good. Transport provided to city centre which is another kind gesture.

Reviewed by Tourist a TripAdvisor traveler 25th January 2020
"Swinming poolgym facilites"

Due to late checkin unable to get gym and swinming service recomnded you to extend more for late guest hotel was good with peace full environment and i will definitely recommend to my business partner

Reviewed by Ahmedkhan a TripAdvisor traveler 23rd January 2020
"Whatever you do dont drive off without checking that they have actually put your luggage in the car boot"

The porter Padam came to my room to take my suitcase on checkout, I gave him the receipt for the valet parking of my car, went downstairs a few minutes later, got my car from Basit and left. I was flying out of DXB later and would not have checked the boot of my car until I handed the rental car in at the airport but for the fact that I had forgotten to put an item in my suitcase and stopped to open the boot and do it. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my suitcase wasn't there. This could have been a disaster if I had got all the way to the airport as I wouldn't have had time to return to Sharjah for it. I drove back to the hotel. Apparently Padam had given my valet parking ticket to Basit and had gone off to serve someone else and neither of them had communicated about my luggage. This was not a good end to my stay. I had a nice check-in from Mohsin and Raymart was very helpful the next day and gave me a late checkout. The hotel is just a few minutes from Sharjah Airport and you could actually walk there. The room was fine except for the socket being far from the bed and only on one side and was definitely good value for money but I was a bit disappointed by the food in the restaurant. Be aware that there is no alcohol in Sharjah so only soft drinks are available and there was no bar, the only place to hang around in the evening was in the lobby where there was a small 24 hour deli with a few tables. I liked the 25m swimming pool, heated to 31°C and open late, except for the cut out bit at the shallow end for children which made it difficult to swim lengths. The lifeguards were very friendly and there is plenty of space around the pool which is in the garden and that is very pleasant. There is also a separate hot tub. There was a small gym inside near the pool which was adequate. If it hadn't been for the complete lack of professionalism regarding my luggage, I would have given the hotel 5 stars. And I will never drive off from a hotel again without checking the boot of my car first.

Reviewed by MargaretinParis a TripAdvisor traveler 12th January 2020
"perfect "

I was happy to live in this beautiful place! The location is near the airport, but there is no noise in the room. Friendly and helpful staff, great food, cleanliness. I recommend this hotel to all who value comfort and high quality service. Thank you very much, Centro Sharjah! already miss you

Reviewed by Arogozhn a TripAdvisor traveler
Russia 6th January 2020

أسعار غالي

Ahmed Alzabi
19th February 2020. Source: Google

Выше всяческих похвал. Смотрите Расположение, чтобы не было удивлений, т.к. отель при аэропорте.

Ваня Ванин
19th February 2020. Source: Google

Very comfortable place i like the services 👌

Sarah Dial
19th February 2020. Source: Google

Good: الموقع
Bad: لاشئ

Bader United Arab Emirates
18th February 2020. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: الموقع ممتاز الى عنده رحلة مواصلة من مطار الشارقة ....بعيد عن مطار الشارقة بمسافة لا تذكر مجرد شارع 100 متر ودوار صغير السرير مريح جدا الغرفة الثانية مريحة والمساحة جيدة لو عندي رحلة مواصلة من مطار الشارقة اكيد حاسكن فيه
Bad: الى ما عجبني هو انه انا حاجز غرفتين متصلة انا وزوجتي و2 ابناء ...لمن وصلت الفندق موظف الاستقبال لم يخبرني انه احد الغرف هي اصل مجهزة لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة. المشكلة انه في مثل هذه الغرف الحمام يكون مفتوح كل شي على بعض ...فعند الاستحمام كانت المياه تغطي جميع ارض الحمام مما يضطرني اني لازم امسح الارض بالمساحه الموجودة في الحماما علشان الى بعدي يستطيح الدخول على ارض جافه ....المفروض موظف الاستقبال يخبرني بنوع الغرفة قبل ما يعمل تسجيل دخول لانه الغرفة ماكانت مريحة. طبعا انا كنت حاجز يوم واحد فقط وهذا الى جعلني ما اطلب تغير الغرفة. اليوم الثاني عند الخروج بلغت الاستقبال وكانوا مستغربين كيف اخذت هذه الغرفة. هذا لا يعني ان الفندق غير مريح بالعكس الفندق جميل ولو عند رحلة مواصلة حاسكن فيه .....المطلوب هو موظف الاستقبال لازم يكون واضح مع الضيف مهما كانت الظروف

Emoazin Saudi Arabia
17th February 2020. Source: Booking.com

Great, need a bigger bed
The reception staff were amazing, hotel in general was great, small bed though

Mansour (Family)
16th February 2020. Source: Hotels.com

كل ما تحتاجه

Ehab Mostafa
15th February 2020. Source: Google

Good place

Hanif Solkar
15th February 2020. Source: Google

كل شي رائع
Good: جيد جدا جدا
Bad: جيد جدا جدا

Ibrahim United Arab Emirates
15th February 2020. Source: Booking.com

Clean and tide
Good: Location
Bad: Non

Abdullah Saudi Arabia
14th February 2020. Source: Booking.com

Ideal hotel for short & long stay in Sharjah.
Good: The hotel is clean, quiet, helpful staff , especially ( Janelle) from front desk ,she added a value to the hotel ~ she is very positive and flexible ,smiling, welcoming the guest ,highly professional attitude .
Bad: Nothing

Ahlam Saudi Arabia
14th February 2020. Source: Booking.com


Bad: No amenities in the room

Zayed United Arab Emirates
14th February 2020. Source: Booking.com

ممتاز وقريب للمطار

13th February 2020. Source: Google

Good: كل شي جيد
Bad: جيد جدا

Ibrahim United Arab Emirates
12th February 2020. Source: Booking.com

تعامل راقي

Ahmad AlSaleh
12th February 2020. Source: Google
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